Because : You can.

Live the life of your dreams. Because: You can.

Move From Burnout / Stress To Excitement
Move From Depression To Contentment
Move From Anger To Kindness

 “Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence” Aristotle 

That’s why I founded “Life Transforming Coaching. Because: You can.” To return you to your natural state of happiness, to dissolve the CAUSES of your burnout / stress, depression or anger  is all what “Life Transforming Coaching. Because: You can.”  – is  about. The importance is on the word “Transforming or Transformation”, because this is not about life coaching, not about talking about the past and why you are the way your are. It’s also not about talking about your problems, short term motivation or giving you some useful advice or information .

What’s the difference between a life coach and a life transforming coach? This is about transforming you on a deep inner level with a proven system of techniques which results in LASTING inner changes. Transformation Coaching is about tackling the causes of your problems and eliminating them once and for all. I promise you, that your life will be positively changed after the intense, powerful, private coaching sessions with me and you will be able to make your life whatever you want it to be.

Let’s explore this a bit more: It’s vital to address your sub consciousness, your way of thinking, your deeply ingrained beliefs, behaviours, habits and routines. You become what you think about all day long. 95% of the thoughts you thought yesterday will be your thoughts of today and tomorrow. We think the same thoughts over and over again – that’s why we get the same reality over and over again. That’s why we have to reprogram your subconscious mind with powerful techniques so that you can create a new reality for you. This only will uproot your causes of stress, anger or depression.

And that’s not all…all of your life time experiences are stored in your subconscious  mind and in every cell of our body. It controls 95% of your life, and it creates sound habits. You are controlled by your habits. Habits can be positive or negative. Only the remaining 5% belong to your conscious mind. You believe that you have free will – think again. It’s more accurate to say that you are firmly controlled by your sub conscious mind, by your habits, emotions and beliefs.  That’s why you keep doing what you are doing, irrespective of any resolutions and firm determination to stop smoking or procrastinating, to start exercising and eating healthy food, to stop worrying or to get rid of any other bad habit. More often than not, after a while, your old habits and routines are taking over again. Your mind finds all kinds of reasons and excuses NOT to change, not to let us go out of our comfort zone. So you settle back into your old self and routinely suppress your negative feelings with alcohol, social media, drugs, pills, shopping, watching TV, gambling, gaming, socialising, overeating…With the Transformation Coaching System we will replace old, limiting habits with new, positive habits as you like.

What’s more…The law of attraction for instance is a very true and powerful universal principle. Why does it not seem to work for most? It will draw to you the situations, circumstances, people, events that match your predominant feelings and thoughts. In essence you attract what you “are” and NOT what you wish for.   It will not draw to you what you visualize or wish for or pray for or want or need – rather it will draw to you according to your whole state of BEING. This again is determined by our sub conscious mind. As long as we (mostly sub consciously!) hold on to negative feelings, beliefs, and thoughts – our mind believes that’s what we are and attract more of the same. When you picture your dream house in vivid detail while feeling anxious and desperate at the same time – it will not yield any positive result for you.

Now there’s a better way:  in the 5 Life Transformation Sessions your sub consciousness will be reprogrammed through a proven system of powerful transformation techniques (while you are conscious) to effect lasting positive change in you. That’s very different from any regular Life Coaching approach. (see FAQ )

How will you benefit? After the coaching sessions you are fully empowered to make your decisions with courage and without hesitation to create the life you desire.   That is what “Life Transforming Coaching” is all about. And that’s not all…you will also have already installed positive new habits, beliefs and routines which make these changes permanent in you. Because: You can. You won’t be disappointed. It’s my mission to make you another happy client. Contact me for a free coaching session and find out more!

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Recent client feedback:

I contacted Falk due to a set of problems that I could not resolve. The 5 powerful, transforming sessions that followed changed my life forever and placed me in a position that I could never previously have imagined. Falk’s powerful interventions are facilitated by his mastery of the techniques, as well as his professional conduct, personable approach and dedication to me as client. I strongly recommend Falk where life coaching is required.

Willem B.

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