Because : You can.

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Because: You can.

Get rid of burnout/stress, depression or anger in all areas of your life

My name is Falk. For over 30 years I have been searching for self improvement, for  “happiness”, that elusive, constant feeling of fulfilment, joyfulness or contentment that everybody seems to be looking for. I attended numerous seminars, workshops, conferences. I went on various spiritual quests and retreats from Himalaya to California , did meditation, visualisation, affirmations and read numerous  books about the subject.

Overall – I spent a lot of time and money, did all these things without really getting closer to being consistently happy and fulfilled. These questions especially intrigued me: What do I have to do, what steps do I have to take, and what techniques do I have to use to become “happy” on a more consistent basis?” Smart people used to tell me “Happiness is in you” or “Happiness is a way, not a destination”, which all seems true and wonderful, but still, did not prove to be very helpful for me to really get there in practice.

Today, I can finally tell you – I found it!

I found the shortcut for your way to happiness and success in all areas of your life, without spending so much time and money solving your problems. In just 5 sessions in 5 weeks, whatever your challenge was, you will be empowered and confident to make brave decisions without hesitation and to initiate massive action to create the life you wish for.

That’s why I founded: Life Transforming Coaching. Because: You can. However,  that’s already the end of my story, so let’s start from the beginning:

Growing up in a small village in East Germany (near Dresden) in a well-organized, loving family with emphasis on learning, nature and travel, I always seemed to be quite restless. Travel was restricted during that time, to go any further than Bulgaria or the former Soviet Union was impossible, so I always dreamed of “traveling the world”.

I would longingly look up at every plane in the sky, wishing to be there and to go to far far away places… Today, with the dividing wall in Germany long gone, I have visited more than 100 countries and lived and worked in 8 before settling down besides Barcelona, Spain in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

Professionally, I started out as an officer in the German Army and became “Diploma Engineer-Pedagogue”  for Engineering before embarking on a journey of different international senior sales and management positions in a wide range of industries and products: from toys to computers, from VP Europe for a large US service company based in the UK and Spain to  the Hospital Director of a large German NGO in Tanzania and later Regional Director in Togo, West Africa;  from  a Paper Trader in Vienna, Austria to the Automotive Department in Lagos, Nigeria.  In the year 2000, I also received my MBA from Thunderbird in Phoenix, AZ USA in International Sales and Marketing and since then  have continuously conducted sales and leadership training.

My interest and joy in working with people, in bringing out the best in them as well as the chance to travel worldwide were common aspects during all these years.  My love for Africa (starting with a trip to South Africa in 1992) has been a constant feature during all these past years, so it was only natural to start a small and thriving family business in importing African handicraft into Germany. My parents and sister continue running it successfully until today.

On a personal level, I experienced the intense joy of friendship, marriage, and indescribable love which lasts for a life time. I also experienced the deep pain, grief and sadness after loss and separation. This makes me believe, that especially people who suffered in one way or another during life do appreciate the gift of life, of every moment, even more. So constantly adapting to change, to new people, places and situations, relocating and starting all over again has been a permanent feature during my life.

My travels all over the world educated me a lot and taught me that we are essentially all the same and that we are all somehow connected at a deeper level. We all want similar things and share similar joys and sorrows. We live on a beautiful planet, still, only a speck of dust spinning around its axis in the middle of nowhere…and we are here for one and one reason only – to be happy, joyful. Life is the process to teach us this and to make us grow.

Then there came a crucial point in my life when I asked myself: “What shall I do now?”  “Why I am still here?” After “having it all” – traveling the world, experiencing marvelous beauty, shaking the hands of dignitaries, flying on a private plane, being on TV and in the newspaper, winning prizes for best performances in study and business, living in a beautiful place by the sea in Barcelona, Spain – this must have been my sign of a “midlife crisis”. That’s when I abruptly decided to leave my last promising position in Nigeria to fulfil another old dream and moved to beautiful Cape Town, South Africa in February 2017 – 25 years after my first visit.

Here, by the Table Mountain, my travels finally end somehow and another exciting chapter started. Here, in a sudden inspiration I realised my “Mission” – that it’s time for me to give back to others, to empower you to also live the life of  your dreams, to find your “happiness”. Because: You can.

Everybody can do it who made it this far reading these pages.  It does not depend on your background. It depends on the quality of your thinking. We just don’t know it and you need some outside help to realise this on a deeper level.  That’s why I called my new company  “Life Transforming Coaching.  Because: You can.”  That means you don’t have to spend 20 years, all that time and money or to get lost in detours to figure this all out by yourself. I provide the service to transform your life, to affect profound positive changes within you to solve your problems of stress, depression or anger to achieve the results you want. You cannot do this on your own.

I realised that the right approach is crucial, the enabling techniques, a proven system to bring about the desired changes within you. This is where my training with Burk and Isobel comes in. A big thanks to them and their  Transformation Coaching Academy  in Pretoria for providing these outstanding, results-oriented coaching techniques through The Life Transformation Coaching System.

This training and my qualification as Master Transformation Coach, together with my years of experience of working with people from all walks of life enables me to also support YOU to overcome your specific challenge and to create the life you wish for. Since 2017 I transformed the lives of more and more people here in South Africa and it is my mission to continue to do so. Seeing my clients transformed, ready to go is my greatest joy today. Are YOU ready to live the life of YOUR dreams?  Are you ready to become empowered to live your life full of vitality, abundance, joy, happiness and love?

I am looking forward to exploring opportunities together and feel humbled to meet you one day.

With kindest regards,                                                                                                                                                                         


Falk Winter

Cape Town, 25.08.2019

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