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From Anger To Kindness

Your Current Situation:

  • You want to loosen the grip of anger and be back in control
  • You feel irritable and sometimes show volatile behaviour at home/work
  • Family, friends, but even strangers can easily “push your buttons”
  • You show short-temper, sometimes even rage in certain situations
  • You hate yourself for showing aggressive, even dangerous behaviour
  • You are frustrated, cannot cope with difficult people or situations
  • You feel hostility and low self esteem
  • You consider anger an inappropriate or ‘bad’ emotion, and suppress it
  • You suffer health problems linked to anger like insomnia, headache, high blood pressure, anxiety
  • You get angry when something isn’t going the way you wanted it to
  • You feel that your expectations are not met, you feel threatened or you want to hide other emotions
  • You have very little control at times and tend to show aggression or to explode in rages
  • You hate it making excuses after an anger outburst, to apologise and say that you  didn’t mean what you said/did while angry

After the Transformation Coaching:

  • You are empowered and know that anger can never overpower you again
  • You can still feel anger and express it whenever and however you choose to
  • You have eliminated the (mostly unconscious) belief  “I am not good enough”
  • You stop sabotaging your actions, relationships by expressing destructive behaviour
  • You have the knowledge to express yourself clearly and to set boundaries
  • You have created internal habits and skills for acceptance, kindness, forgiveness and goodwill
  • You recognise any irritation in you and are able to use it in a positive way
  • You know how to “manage” anger and can cope with any challenging situation or person
  • You feel patient, calm, content and at ease
  • You have the skill to direct your subconscious mind to feel joy, happiness, and love.
  • You love yourself and enjoy that people love you for your good humour, good nature and good will
  • You see anger is a positive and useful emotion, if it is expressed appropriately
  • You know what to do in challenging situations

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