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Transformation Coaching Services

How to get rid of burnout / stress, depression or anger and to become joyful, content and kind – successful in all areas of your life.

Go From Burnout / Stress To Enjoyment
Go From Depression To Contentment
Go From Anger To Kindness

INDIVIDUAL OFFERS:  ONE – ONE Sessions in person in Cape Town or by SKYPE anywhere in the world . (English and German speaking)

I am specialised to solve your problems in the following areas.

Move from:

  • Stress – Enjoyment
  • Depression – Contentment
  • Anger – Kindness

All these 3 areas are closely connected and affect each other. While you are stressed you won’t have much success at work or peace at home. A depressed person cannot reach her money goals. Feeling angry will most likely destroy any kind of your success.

During our coaching sessions we will change with powerful techniques your underlying limiting beliefs which cause you these negative emotions and states. We will work with your conscious mind which is the “goal setter”, but mainly work on your subconscious mind as the “goal getter”. Your subconscious mind is the main driver in achieving your life’s dreams, in changing old behaviours, routines and programs and installing new, empowering ones. Some techniques like the “Inner Conflict Therapy” will be used first to address the main underlying issue in you before moving on to tackle specific problems you have.

ONE-ONE individual COACHING SESSIONS in person in Cape Town or by SKYPE anywhere in the world . (English and German speaking)
WORK SHOPS / PUBLIC SPEAKING EVENTS: on request, specified for your company / organisation
  1. Topic MIND: How to use your mind to achieve success in all areas of your life?
  2. Topic SALES: How to double your sales in 90 days by following these 12 steps? 
TIME FRAME (for individual sessions): 16 hrs. (in total over 5 weekly sessions)

Regarding the time frame please also see FAQ How long will it take?

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