Because : You can.

From Depression To Contentment

Your Current Situation:

  • You feel depressed, hopeless and unhappy
  • You are sad and full of grief
  • You feel devastated by a recent divorce or separation
  • You lost your loved one and don’t see any reason to live any more
  • Your state of mind seriously affected by an illness
  • You are taking a lot of medication
  • Your believe your health is seriously affected by your negative emotions
  • You are tired of taking medication which do not solve the root of your problem
  • You feel the heaviness of a troubled heart
  • You don’t want to look into the mirror
  • You feel lonely, unloved, forgotten or rejected
  • You feel like in a black hole, discouraged and dispirited
  • You don’t know what to do to leave this downward spiral
  • You don’t want to get up in the morning
  • You have no self confidence at all
  • You are tired, weak and don’t even want to face the world

After the Transformation Coaching:

  • You have an unstoppable mind set to face the world
  • You have developed resilience to take on any challenge
  • You feel hopeful, joyful and encouraged
  • You have developed self-love and high self-worth
  • You know what to live for
  • You keep your wonderful memories without the sadness
  • You welcome challenges as a means to grow further
  • You have drastically reduced or stopped taking medication
  • You know why everything happens for a reason
  • You have dramatically transformed your self-image
  • You have stopped seeing the doctor for problems you created in your mind
  • You know how to develop boundless energy and vitality every day easily
  • You are optimistic, happy and elated
  • You know how to break any negative internal state quickly

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Do you experience depression, severe stress, sadness, anxiety, apathy, general discontent, guilt, hopelessness, loss of interest in anything, or mood swings? Do you have poor appetite / excessive hunger, you cannot concentrate or sleep; lost (gained) weight, have thoughts of suicide, feel social isolation; you are irritated or cry excessively? Not everyone who is depressed experiences every symptom. You may only experience only a few symptoms for some time, which may also vary depending on the stage of the illness.

I call depression “severe stress” in simplified terms.  When a person has depression, it interferes with daily life and normal functioning. Doctors call this condition “depressive disorder,” or “clinical depression.” While it is a real illness, most people who experience depression (and are not on strong prescription drugs) can be healed in the same way stress can be healed by eliminating the underlying cause. That’s what we will accomplish during our transformation sessions with the Life Transformation Coaching System.


The fact is…while coaching cannot replace qualified medical advice; again and again my clients have shown that after the coaching sessions they can stop (or greatly reduce) taking medication and feel empowered to take on any challenge in their life. They come out of their depression; they become resilient, overcome their depressive state and behavior, and embrace a positive outlook on life and know exactly what to do.

Depression is more than just feeling “down.” It is caused by changes in brain chemistry. The current depression epidemic does not have a specific cause that we can point to. Instead, it is the result of a convergence of multiple conditions, including:

Social Media: a strong correlation exists between depth of depression and time spent on social media, watching TV , gambling and gaming. Many people have become heavily dependent on electronic means of communication and entertainment with less and less face to face communication and real human connection.

Change of traditional social structures and communities: This gradual disintegration of the traditional family structure has resulted in greater isolation and loneliness. Some people have become increasingly disconnected from family, friends, and neighbours.

Changes in Diet:  The increase of consumption of processed and “microwaved” foods, which mostly contain a serious imbalance of omega fats, large quantities of sugar, lack of fermented ingredients, and result in a destroyed molecular structure of the food contributes to the rise in depression and various mental disorders. Try the following experiment: Heat water in a microwave, let it cool down and water your plants for 2 weeks only with this with water. Watch what happens to your plants; the same you do to your food when you heat it in a micro wave.

Intense competition in the workplace and educational arena: The high rate of general unemployment, work and career opportunities for students and workers in South Africa led to a rise especially in youth depression. Lack of personal autonomy and acute stress, catalysed by pressure from parents and society to succeed academically, is combined with a lack of economic opportunity and a lack of educational content related to life skills, social-emotional learning, and wellbeing in general.

Additionally, other factors contribute to the onset of depression, including genetics, changes in hormone levels, certain medical conditions, stress, grief or difficult life circumstances. These may include: conflict, a serious illness, genetics, abuse or a loss. What does it mean for you? Any treatment should go for the root causes, address underlying deep seated belief systems, traumas,  negative emotions, thinking patters and destructive (mostly unconscious)  behavior and habits. To suppress the symptoms only chemically with drugs will not solve your problem of depression.

In short:  With “Life Transforming Coaching” we address your sub consciousness through a proven system of powerful transformation techniques to eliminate the root causes of your depression. After the coaching sessions you will feel resilient and fully empowered to handle any challenging situation in your life. You have my personal no risk guarantee. Ask yourself: What do I have to lose?