Because : You can.

From Stress To Enjoyment

Your Current Situation:

  • You often feel stressed, overworked, and tired
  • You feel stress, because you cannot attract this loving, caring partner you are longing for
  • You feel the daily strain at work and at home
  • You are getting angry easily, because things do not go your way
  • You don’t like yourself, you don’t like how you look
  • You feel “not good enough”
  • You have no chance to find the right balance between work and relaxation
  • You want to get away from it all
  • You are (subconsciously) full of doubt, fear, anxiety or concern
  • You are retired and don’t know how to enjoy this new chapter in your life
  • You are afraid to make a life changing decision: to change your job, to buy this house or to marry (leave) your partner
  • You are concerned about your financial situation

After the Transformation Coaching:

  • You have learnt how to break through old conditioning and destructive habits
  • You know how to keep your balance and to focus on your priorities
  • You have deleted your limiting beliefs like “I am not good enough” and installed new empowering beliefs
  • You understand how your subconscious mind works and how to attract what you desire
  • You have the knowledge about how life force works and how to use it to be full of vitality and energy
  • You can create in an instant positive, empowering emotions like confidence, happiness, passion
  • You love yourself and attract the partner you wish for
  • You know how to overcome stress and how to surround yourself with loving people
  • You know how to relax, to feel calm and peaceful in an instant
  • You know how to live in the Now and to focus on one thing at a time
  • You feel empowered to be able to handle any situation in your life

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According to numerous studies: people live in stress 70% of the time. You are one of them and you really want to feel less stressed, you want to get rid of it your anxiety, excessive concerns or worries, sleepless nights, headaches and heartaches. You want stress relief, and you are searching for an effective method. You took medication as your doctor recommended, went to counselling, tried exercise, changed your diet, played with alternative methods, saw a healer, maybe even sat down to meditate – without any lasting results. As soon as the pressure of your modern life piles up again: an unexpected event showed up, an unwanted encounter happened, a hurting comment received, your bank statement reviewed or another lonely Saturday night spent in front of your TV  – you feel stressed again.


Welcome to “Life Transforming Coaching. Because: You can.” I promise you that your life will be transformed after the coaching sessions with me and you cannot go back to your old stressed self. You will have eliminated the root causes of stress in your sub conscious mind and be able to handle any remaining challenge in your life with confidence, courage and determination.

How can I say this? Let’s explore first a bit more: What creates stress? Stress can be divided into 3 types:

  1. Physical stress – injury, fall, traumas, accidents
  2. Chemical stress- viruses, bacteria, hormones, food, heavy metal
  3. Emotional stress – traffic jams, mortgage payments, being a single parent, work overload, relationships


In fact, nine out of ten diseases, I repeat 9 out of 10 of all diseases are stress related diseases! Only 5% are based on the DNA. All ends up as emotional stress either as anxiety / worry regarding the future, or depression / regret regarding something of the past. I’ts no wonder that prescriptions for anti-anxiety medicatioin have increased by 50% in the last 20 years. Therefore, I think it’s time to get away from a purely medical approach to stress and to go to the root of it.


Let’s go back to our subconscious mind: we have about 60,000 thoughts a day, most as stated before are negative regretting something in the past or worrying about the future. Additionally, 95% of your thoughts today you had yesterday and will have tomorrow. Did you ever realize this? ! Our thoughts create us, not a situation. There is no situation which alone can cause you stress – it’s your psychological reaction to the situation. That causes stress, never the situation itself. Otherwise each situation would trigger the same reaction in everyone. Compare skydiving from one person to another, one person delights in joy only thinking about it while you may get completely stressed out.


Everybody can handle short term stress. Set into your genes since primordial times as survival mechanism you turn on the “tiger flee” system to run away from “the tiger”.  That happens in the same way a deer mobilizes short term energy to outrun its predator. You run, fight or hide, that’s what people do. You can tolerate this short term stress like the deer, to mobilize all the energy, to go into fight or flight mode. That’s the way the nervous system reacts to the outer environment to survive.


But what if it is not a tiger, just your bills piling up or your boss shouting at you – you react in the same way as if chased by a tiger. Only we human beings have the unique ability – we can turn on the stress response just by thinking about it, we don’t even need the outside event (“the tiger”) even to be there! We can turn on the stress system by THOUGHT ALONE, and when you cannot turn it off – you are heading for some disease. You are moving your brain and body out of balance.


You focus on that (imagined) threat, your body as the unconscious mind thinks as it is real, so your hormones of stress push the genetic buttons for disease. No organism can live in the emergency room forever. Your thoughts can make you sick; of course, they can make you healthy as well. Cortisol is the chemical of stress, it helps you to survive in emergency mode, but damages long term your immune system.


Additionally, the hormones of stress become like a narcotic. People become addicted to them. This rush of energy wakes the body up   (like a strong coffee). Adrenalin is created from something real or imagined, it works like a narcotic. We can create harmful physiological change just by thought alone!  There is no energy left for growth, repair, and enjoyment of life.  You are stressed.


If you create your stress, you can take it away. Much of your programming in your brain has been done in the past and you can reprogram yourself in order to deal effectively with stress. You will also see how you create stress in the first place and then learn what to do about it. That’s what we will accomplish during our transformation sessions with the Life Transformation Coaching System.


What does this mean for you? We address your sub consciousness through a proven system of powerful transformation techniques to effect lasting positive change in you. Most importantly, after the coaching sessions you are fully empowered to handle any challenging life situation with ease and confidence without stressing yourself to a point which takes a lot of joy out of your life. That is what “Life Transforming Coaching” is all about. Even better news …I will also give you practical tools to act immediately after your first stress symptoms arise to stop it then end there. Because: You can. You will be amazed at the results.  It’s my mission to make you another happy client.

(based on excerpts from a discourse by Dr. Joe Dispenza)